About Us

Hype Mas was first established in October 2013. Hype Mas first hit the roads of London Notting Hill Carnival in 2014. After a successful carnival, Hype Mas continued to grow. Hype Mas went on to win awards for best Mas Band at various carnivals in the UK and worked alongside various Mas Bands. What’s different about Hype Mas you ask? We focus on your carnival experience which we call “The Hype Experience”. We have decided to give you the true “Hype Experience” we have added some extra goodies to our carnival Monday package. We are an energetic band, full of vibes and passion for Mas. We will be providing you with an Award-winning Sound System by Elements Audio and high-quality Costumes for Notting Hill Carnival 2023. 

Carnival Sunday

In 2022 we won 1st Place for best Dutty Mas Band. For 2023 Our signature brand “Dutty Sunday” Powered By Hype Mas & Party Lit UK Presents Dutty Wild West. Register Here

Carnival Monday

For Carnival Monday 2023 Hype Mas & Friends Presents to you “Purity”. Our theme this year surrounds the power associated with the purest form of things. The purest form influences what stirs a flame inside of us. We are natural beings connected deeply with nature, love and challenges. We acknowledge the Power of Love, the creation of our planet, the Pure wonders. Aqua seas, waves and skies, the Blissful Passion shining from the sun; giving us abundance. Gratitude in the simple yet beautiful things, Majestic is the relationship between us all. 

Appreciating the sheer beauty of Life’s pure connection to us all.

We look forward to showcasing our unique theme for London Notting Hill Carnival 2023. Don’t stand on the side of the road, come play ah Mas with us.