Age Policy of Hype Mas

Hype Mas Operates a strict 18 years and over policy in our Gold Jab Sunday Dutty Mas band, We do however offer a “Teen” package on Monday that does not include Sunday Tshirt, but does include soft Drinks and Food, Photographic ID will be required at the time of Collection, if you are found to be under 18 years as of 25th August 2019 your package will be downgraded to a “Teen” Package, If you have a Teen wrist band on and are found to be drinking any alcohol on Carnival Monday you will have your writs band removed and asked to leave the band.

When do I collect my costume?

Costumes are collected approximately a week before the Notting hill carnival

 Can I change my sizes and options?

Generally you can no later than 31st March 2019, but if your garments have been ordered then no.

Can I change section?

We do not facilitate section changing, as we produce costumes early in advance.

What is included in my costume?

A costume is normally made up of, under garment/s i.e. bra and bikini bottom, belt, neck piece, leg pieces and arm pieces, your costume also includes on the day, unlimited premium drinks, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, UCOM Cup, Security, Music, photographers, helpful stewards and free entry to our thank you party in September.

What are the Special Body Options?

Backline costumes –  come in a variety of options, we normally display in the basic option being a Padded T-shirt Bra and Bikini Bottom, we also have monokini, Corset, Tankini, Boy Shorts, Hots shorts and thongs. Please note that regardless to what option you choose only the cups or cleavage area on the corset will be decorated.

Frontline Costumes – only come in 2 options, the Monokini or pictured options or a Decorated Corset and Shorts with a decorated belt.

Does HYPE MAS cater for special requests?

As much as we would like to, we can only facilitate requests for costumes as they are pictured, for example we cannot create new headpiece styles, frontline leg pieces for backline, frontline monokini for backline, backline headpiece for frontline etc. we like to keep continuity throughout the band.

What if I want to cancel my costume?

You are welcome to cancel your booking at any time, although your deposit will be non-refundable, if you have paid more than your deposit you will be refunded the extra monies if cancelled before 31st July 2019 after this time absolutely no Refunds will be issued.

What do i do if I didn’t want to play mas anymore but someone else I know would like my costume?

We can facilitate a costume transfer to another person, but they would have to fit into the costume based on what was ordered.

How do I make further payments on my costume?

We have lots of ways to do this, the easiest is a bank transfer, you can also pay by PayPal or by cash in person at the mas camp if you would like to make a further payment please contact us at and we will help you with this process via Paypal (incurs 4% fee), Bank Transfer or at the Mas Camp we accept Cash, Debit and Credit Cards.

When does my costume need to be paid by?

Costume payment deadlines are as follows:

Individuals – 31st May 2019

Frontline – 30th June 2019

All Backlines and Children – 31st July 2019

Fun mas and Jouvert – 31st July 2019

Which djs are playing for Hype and what island do they represent?

We have a wide spectrum of TOP UK Soca djs from all different Caribbean islands, we have done this intentionally to ensure we get a good balance of music from all Caribbean Islands including Zouk and Afro Beats.

Can we customize our own costume?

Generally we would say no, the designer has spent a long time developing the look of the band and the costumes to ensure we look good on the road, if you would like to do something special please speak to us first.

When is the Notting hill Carnival?

Notting hill Carnival takes place annually on the last Sunday and Monday in August.

 Can I help out at the Mas Camp?

Yes you sure can, in fact we encourage this especially if you are new to HYPE MAS, it’s a great way to meet the team and other members, many friendships have been built within HYPE MAS and this is something we defiantly encourage.

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